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... and thanks for checking in. You’ll find on this site general information about me and the work I do at OceanInk. Just click on the tabs above. 
My goal is to develop creative solutions for ocean conservation (and other related environmental problems).  Grounded in science, buoyed by an active imagination, I enjoy working on projects that break out of the box and enter the realm of innovative problem-solving: through word, experiment, or building something new.  Explore this site to find out about my research, download publications, find helpful tips on how to save the world, and more.  I hope you stretch your brain, and enjoy.

What’s new: 
A true labor of love, I’m thrilled at the release of my first book: SEX IN THE SEA (St. Martin’s Press, 2016).  Visit for more information and order your copy today!

Co-author on new study: Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs.

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Turning Science into Stories that make a difference...
I am 
    A Writer 
     A Researcher
a hybrid
What I can do for you

Writing From academic journal articles, to popular media stories, editing, grant-writing, and blogging, I can help you publish your results or craft a compelling story about your work.  I am also a freelance writer, bringing to light interesting stories that will engage readers through your website, blog, magazine, or other platform.

Speaking I am a passionate, engaging speaker, able to adapt presentations for a wide range of audiences, from scientists to kindergardeners. I can tell stories about a host of subjects, from the bizarre nature of sex in the sea, to musing on the mysteries of the deep, to conservation and climate change issues, to the solutions and opportunities we have to engage and help save our planet. From schools to business conferences to science meetings, I can energize an audience, make them think, and hopefully, laugh.

COnsulting I design and 
implement projects to help achieve goals in the broad fields of conservation and sustainability.  A scientist by training, I can provide research support, from designing experiments and conducting field work, to analyzing and writing up the data.  As a hybrid thinker, I  bring scientific expertise combined with imaginative thinking to interdisciplinary projects.  See my Projects page for more information.